Am I Dreaming?

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Oh god

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Melancholy by Elisa Imperi on Flickr.

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Immobile by Elisa Imperi on Flickr.

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Last week while at the Missouri Botanical Garden for a meeting, I had a tour of the library’s rare book room from head librarian Doug Holland. 
The books pictured are two editions of the Gart der Gesundheit  (“Garden of Health”) one of the most influential early works on medicinal plants. The top image is from a later edition published by the original publisher, Peter Schoeffer, and the bottom 3 are from a “pirated” 1487 edition published by Hamsen Schönsperger. 

The phone picture being compared to the Schönsperger page is of the female mandrake found in the New York Public Library’s copy of the book.

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making sun tea with mint :)

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See, I could do without a tan on my left hand, where my fourth finger meets my knuckle.
—Wake Me Up | Ed Sheeran (via wr3ck-d)
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