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"The last crops of winter"

Complete series.

I & Thedeerandtheoak

The complete series symbolizes the passage from winter to spring, from death to rebirth.

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elorablueUntitled by J. Ōta on Flickr.

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can’t wait til spring again.

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Salvador Dali was an interesting person. Here are a few of the many reasons why

  • he believed he was the reincarnation of his dead brother, because his parents took five-year-old Dali to his brother’s grave and informed Dali he was
  • from a young age he had a bizarre habit of attacking without provocation, because (he claimed) pain and pleasure were the same thing
  • Dali once sold an expensive painting by claiming the paint was mixed with a million wasps’ venom
  • he was creepily obsessed with Hitler. Just go to the original source, I do not want to give details on this one
  • Dali had an open marriage, and by all accounts a loving and happy one, with his wife Gala
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Witchy girls escaping reality, always looking for abandoned places where strange magic happens.


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Glenn Martens

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this photos comes from the reproductions of the nightmares of the photographer Nicolas Bruno, who suffers from insomnia. 

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